The key to CQ Tactical Laser Tag
is in our name…….this is Close-Quarters-Tactical game-play

No matter your age or experience, you’ll be working as a member of a squad….devising and executing a plan to accomplish your mission within the time limits.  You and your squad members need to stay alert, while moving from room to room, avoiding obstacles and taking enemy fire every step of the way.

Think Call of Duty or Halo game-play is intense?  Wait until your adrenalin starts flowing as you enter our course and play it for real!  At CQ Tactical Laser Tag you will finally have the opportunity to test the skills you’ve learned via gaming, movies, or tactical training in our indoor arena.  For an even more intense physical experience, try our outdoor FORWARD OPERATING BASE!

CQ Tactical Laser Tag also offers the ultimate birthday party for boys or girls, corporate team building, weekend family activities, boy’s night out and yes-even girls night out! If you and your friends, families, or coworkers are looking for a unique, thrilling experience, come out and take the challenge today!

All players at CQ Tactical Laser tag are required to purchase a $5 enlistment card and needs to be presented each time to show you are not a new recruit but a seasoned veteran. If a player does not have their enlistment card then a $5 replacement card will need to be purchased.