By far our most popular laser tag gun in the Armory. The MP5 Stinger was designed with help from Special Forces team operations for realistic weight and feel. The Stinger is both light and agile, allowing for quick targeting and reaction needed in our tactical laser tag combat scenarios. The MP5 Stinger runs a 30 round magazine and a 3 round burst.


The M-4 is the workhorse of the United States Military and is a popular choice among our experienced players. It’s very accurate, allowing a skilled player to stand their ground even when facing 2 or 3 of the enemy at once. The M-4 is equipped with a bi-pod for use as a laser tag sniper rifle, comes complete with a 40 round magazine and is fully automatic allowing for a high rate of fire.


The AK-47 is the worlds most popular and iconic assault rifle. The heaviest and largest gun in our armory, we named it the “Big Boy” gun. This rifle is harder to manage but delivers massive damage per shot as compared to its smaller friends, the MP5 and M4. The AK-47 runs a 40 round magazine and is fully automatic.


Need we say more……. the 50-cal is the showpiece weapon of our armory. This monster makes our outdoor field the ultimate tactical laser tag experience. Good luck if you're on the wrong end of this weapon.