Laser Tag

Standard Tactical Laser Tag (Non-SMG): 90 Minute Session - $20 Per Player

With room after room of hiding spaces and tight corners, this is Close Quarter tactical laser tag to the fullest. With a variety of team vs. team missions, you and your team will learn team work and strategy while having a great time doing it. The most unique laser tag experience available in Tampa Bay.

-Realistic Standard Equipment
-Team vs Team scoring and missions
-Players must be at least 8 years old AND 48 inches tall.

Advanced SMG Laser Tag: 90 Minute Session - $25 Per Player

Advance weaponry, all new and exclusive missions, and player's stats in real time. This is the next level of game play you have been wanting. 
-Advanced Equipment
-Real time player stats
-Player profile ranking and leaderboard
-Team vs Team missions
-Players must be at least 13 years old AND 56 inches tall.